‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ gets a pasting from critics in first reviews

texas chainsaw massacre

Netflix’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre is officially available to stream on the platform — and the reviews are anything less than favorable as critics are slashing through its over-the-top gore and messy diegesis.

Marketed as the sequel to Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974), the horror film currently boasts a mere 45 percent Tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes.

While the film serves as a legacy sequel, some critics are preferring that the franchise stayed in the past. The Weekend Warrior critic Edward Douglas firmly wrote in his review, “I hate to be THAT guy, but there’s really no reason for this movie to even exist.” Austin Burke of Flick Fan Nation gave the newest installment 4/10, and chimed in with his comments, “While not without its bloody scenes, this attempt at a revitalization doesn’t have the story or characters to back it up. Unfortunately, there is nothing new here.”

Texas Chainsaw Massacre follows Melody (Sarah Yarkin), her younger sister Lila (Elsie Fisher), and their influencer friends as the group travel to a rural town in Texas in an attempt to kick-start a new business operation. While on their journey of success, the group encounters the nightmarish Leatherface, the demented serial killer.

While most critics are in agreement that the new Chainsaw is full of explicit gore and as bloody as ever, many are arguing that the overabundance of mutilated bodies and its complicated plot is actually keeping it from being enjoyable viewing.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is currently streaming on Netflix.