Texas Chainsaw Prequel Titled Leatherface, Now Has A Writer



Earlier this month, we brought you word that Texas Chainsaw‘s next installment might not be a direct sequel to 2013’s Texas Chainsaw 3D. Instead, Millenium Films was said to be mulling over a prequel centering on a teenage Leatherface. At the time, a writer was said to be in talks to pen a script for the project. Now, for better or worse, it’s been confirmed that the prequel, simply titled Leatherface, is up next for the franchise and will feature a script from Seth M. Sherwood.

Little is known with regard to the specifics of the plot, though Leatherface is said to be a ’70s-set origin story which will take place before Tobe Hooper’s original film. As such, it’s unlikely that Texas Chainsaw 3D star Alexandra Daddario, originally expected to become the series’ new lead actress after that film, will be returning outside of a possible cameo appearance. That’s disappointing news, but lackluster reviews for Texas Chainsaw 3D caused the horror reboot to sink swiftly at the box office, so perhaps going back to basics is the most financially viable option for the franchise right now.

Sherwood’s involvement, however, is one reason to be optimistic for Leatherface. The genre scribe landed on the 2012 Blood List (for most-liked but unproduced horror screenplays) for “Interstate 5,” described as a cross between Jacob’s Ladder and Natural Born Killers. As per TheWrap, the story focused on “a serial killer’s son and the daughter of one of his victims as they team up to find the maniac, only to be haunted by demonic forces intent on driving them mad.” Perhaps an up-and-coming horror scribe like Sherwood is just the man to revitalize Texas Chainsaw, which has had more bad than good entries at this point.

Production is due to kick off this winter, with a director expected to be recruited in the coming weeks. The question is, do you have any love left over for Leatherface? Or are you fed up with The Texas Chain Saw Massacre franchise? Let us know below!

Source: TheWrap

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