Thanos Creator’s Hopeful That The Mad Titan Will Return To The MCU

Thanos Avengers: Endgame

Amazingly, Avengers: Endgame is continuing its astronomical run at the box office. After nearly three nonstop months in theaters around the world, the film’s slowly inching towards Avatar‘s record as fans flock in to see Earth’s Mightiest Heroes take on the Mad Titan once again.

It’s not unreasonable to assume that a great many number of people went to see Endgame for Thanos. Marvel Studios has been teasing the purple-skinned conquerer as early as 2011’s Thor, regularly featuring him in tiny cameos and post-credit scenes. And when he finally showed up last year in Infinity War, fans and critics were blown away not only by the technical work that went into realizing him, but also his rather astute philosophies.

Now, things obviously didn’t work out too well for Thanos in Endgame. After decimating half of the universe’s population, the Mad Titan’s retirement was cut short when Thor simply cut his head off. With that in mind, the time travel elements of the film did allow the Avengers and Thanos one more grand battle, which resulted in another snap – this time wiping the Titan away from existence.

But despite this ending, there are probably a lot of people who want to see Josh Brolin play the character again in the MCU. And as it turns out, Jim Starlin, the man who created Thanos, is one of them.

According to Screen Rant’s coverage of SDCC, the comics artist sounds hopeful that Marvel will bring his character back, given the lucrative performance of the two most recent films he’s featured in.

“You know, they’ve made so much money off him, I can’t believe they’re not gonna do it again, and I know Josh Brolin, who originally said he was a one-off, has since then he’d like to do more…They bring the Warlock into it and that leads to the Magus, and Thanos is part of the Magus Warlock story, so it’s a possibility that we’ll see him that way…I’m mentioning it now so it will put a bug in somebody’s ear up there at the studio.”

Now, it’d be unfair to say that all the success behind Endgame and Infinity War should be accredited to their antagonist, but if you’re basing your argument on the phrase that heroes are only as good as their villains…well, you have a case. Putting what Starlin believes aside though, what do you think is Marvel’s best move for Thanos? Should the Mad Titan hang up any hopes of returning to the MCU? Or would another outing be worth investing in? Drop us a comment down below and share your ideas.