Thanos Looms Large On Gorgeous Avengers 4 Fan-Made Poster


Before he fell victim to Thanos’ finger snap and turned into dust in front of our eyes, Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury was able to send one last-minute distress signal into the cosmos.

Its target? Captain Marvel, of course, the god-like heroine who’s about to headline her own standalone movie in 2019. It’ll open just a few short weeks before the untitled Avengers 4, which has since been teased as a timely finale for this current iteration of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This, coupled with the fact that Captain Marvel’s being hailed as the new face of the MCU going forward, leads us to believe that Carol Danvers will not only lend a helping hand to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes when they need her most, but she’ll also be the bridge between two Marvel eras, as the Powers That Be brace for Phase 4 of this most lucrative franchise.

Suffice it to say, Captain Marvel is a hugely important character, even by the studio’s own lofty standards. And a fan-made poster for Avengers 4 is here to drive the point home.

As you can see above, Carol Danvers is on full display, with a nice touch being that the blaze of light surrounding her resembles the character’s star logo. As we don’t know the title of the movie just yet, the fake poster devises a tagline that simply reads, “Assemble 2019,” which may very well be used on the official promo material, too.

Circling back to Captain Marvel, though, and we’ll actually get to meet Carol prior to Avengers 4, as the character’s solo film hits theaters in March. The studio has big plans for the former Air Force pilot turned superhero, too, as Kevin Feige’s already promised us that she’ll lead the MCU in Phase Four. Not only that, but Brie Larson has teased that Carol will be so powerful that she’ll be able to lift planets. Surely with someone of that strength on their side, the Avengers will be able to best Thanos and get the universe back on track, right?