Thanos Will Reportedly Return To The MCU In The Annihilation Movie

Thanos Avengers: Endgame

Despite numerous MCU heroes stealing the spotlight at this year’s SDCC, Thanos still somehow found a way to follow through on his promise. He really is inevitable.

News like Natalie Portman becoming Thor and the Supernatural boys making the whole world cry dominated the Hall H stage over the past few days. We’re also getting a new Blade, and will be getting attempt number three (or is it four?) at the Fantastic Four. But what about the bad guys? You can’t have the good guys without the bad, right? Well, fear not, for a source close to We Got This Covered has revealed something pretty exciting: Thanos will be returning to the MCU in the upcoming Annihilation storyline.

It’d been previously reported that Annihilus will be coming to the silver screen sometime in the next few years, but until now that was all we knew. In the comics though, both he and Thanos were main characters in the Annihilation saga, so it makes sense that Marvel would bring him back for that story.

Before Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home, we’d be trying to figure out how the Mad Titan could return, but thanks to the introduction of the multiverse, we won’t ever have to ask that question again. Plus, we might actually get a good guy version of Thanos. Or good-ish, at least, if they follow the comic storyline.

Our source also mentioned the possibility of flashbacks in next year’s The Eternals that show us a younger Thanos, but that isn’t 100% confirmed just yet. All we know for now is that Marvel’s current plan is to bring the Mad Titan back at some point, and while we imagine the studio and Josh Brolin will most likely deny it for as long as they can, we’re confident in our source and the intel they’re providing. After all, let’s not forget that it’s the same source who first told us Taskmaster would be the villain of Black Widow, and that Robert Pattinson is our new Batman.

With Marvel’s Phase 4 now out in the open though, and Kevin Feige and co. finally beginning to open up on what’s coming down the pipeline, hopefully we’ll get some confirmation on where Thanos will show up next sooner rather than later.

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