Here’s How Thanos Might Know Who Tony Is In Avengers: Infinity War


Avengers: Infinity War was the conclusion to the past ten years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Every movie in the franchise, to some degree, paved the way for all of the galaxy’s mightiest heroes to come together to take on Thanos as he set out on a mission to collect all six Infinity Stones and decimate the universe. As the Russo brothers have put it, it acted as the beginning of the final chapter of the book that started way back in 2008’s Iron Man.

Having said that, though, even those fans who’d seen all 18 films in the MCU to date and knew them inside out were not prepared for what happened in Infinity War. The Avengers have faced some pretty tough challenges over the years, sure, but this was easily the most dangerous threat they’d ever come across. Throughout its runtime, the film took many turns that moved the plot in directions we never expected, but one moment in particular had people fairly confused.

If you’ll recall, after besting the rest of the group of heroes gathered on Titan in combat, Thanos turns his attention to Iron Man. Fascinatingly, the villain appeared to have a great deal of respect for Tony Stark – perhaps he sees something of himself in this other great intellect who considers himself the protector of his world. What’s particularly interesting here, though, is that the Mad Titan indicates that he knows who Tony is, but doesn’t say how.

And while we imagine Avengers 4 will shed more light on that, YouTuber Webhead is here to attempt to solve the riddle in the meantime. The fan theorist posted the below video recently attempting to unravel the mystery that is the special connection Iron Man and Thanos share, and what he had to offer up is pretty interesting.

Truthfully, a lot of these points are fairly reasonable. I mean, given that Iron Man was the one who really put an end to the Battle of New York by blowing up the Chitauri’s mothership, it makes sense that Thanos would know about him.

Also, like Webhead says, Tony Stark’s a pretty popular figure on Earth, one who’s got the capabilities to create almost anything he wants, which makes him a significant threat to the Mad Titan and marks him out as someone who the villain would probably have heard about, or at least, looked into in advance while doing some recon before he set about collecting the Infinity Stones.

Regardless of where the answer lies, as we said above, Avengers 4 will surely shed a lot more light on this fascinating connection that the two iconic characters share and we can’t wait to see what directors Joe and Anthony Russo have cooked up for us.

Source: Webhead