The 10 Best Performances From The X-Men Franchise


Hugh Jackman – X2


Let’s just make the assumption that after Hugh Jackman’s last go around as Wolverine, the studio will not be recasting the character. How could they? Jackman has left his personal stamp on Logan, making a character that could have been tiresome and one-note into one of the more engaging, popular and recognizable superheroes of the past 15 years.

He brings the required physicality to the character while also giving Wolvie a wisdom that he would have gained over the years. Jackman is affectionate when he needs to be and furious at the drop of a hat, making his version of the iconic hero a wild force to be reckoned with.

Sir Ian McKellen – X2


Who knew that Ian McKellen could make such a superb villain?

His and Patrick Stewart’s chemistry as the reluctant on again, off again friends/enemies is electric, and the villainous mastermind always plays it as if he’s five steps ahead of whomever he’s talking to. With his natural inquisitive features, McKellen’s Magneto isn’t a great villain just due to how threatening he appears (metal controlling powers are endlessly useful), but because of how he builds his relationships with the other characters and generates both fear and sympathy.

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