Watch The Work-Friendly Green Band Trailer For The ABCs Of Death 2


With Fantastic Fest 2014 drawing closer by the day, the horror lover inside me is ready to burst out in a fit of obsessive jubilation knowing the onslaught of movies I’ll be experiencing. Movies like Tusk, V/H/S Viral, The Babadook, and so many others are ready to push my moral boundaries and chill me to the bone, but one project has me uniquely excited, and that’s The ABCs Of Death 2.

I rather like The ABCs Of Death and I’ve since made that pretty clear here at We Got This Covered, so after watching yesterday’s freshly released Red Band trailer for the equally ambitious sequel, I’m officially on pins and needles. Loaded with exploding heads, decapitations, brutality, and gigantic genitalia, this new crop of directors seems to be upping the ante wherever possible, which is expected from filmmakers like the Soska Sisters, Jerome Sable and Larry Fessenden (among MANY others).

But for those of you stuck at work who didn’t exactly want to get fired for watching such a monstrously inappropriate movie trailer, today brings a much safer version of the material in the way of a Green Band trailer for The ABCs Of Death 2. Featuring most of the same shots edited down as not to include the blood splattering and phallic objects, there are a few new shots included as well, like a giant cheeseburger monster and some goblin looking creatures – unless they were present before and I missed them in the flurry of chaotic obscenities. Either way, if you’re not exactly ready for the big leagues, this turned-down trailer makes death more palatable.

Again, it’s not a boatload of new content, but dammit if I’m not beyond excited to dive head first into this anthology collection of death and destruction. Be sure to stay tuned for my coverage from Austin, TX, where I’ll be attending this year’s Fantastic Fest. You’ll be some of the first to know if The ABCs Of Death 2 lives up to the original (or improves upon it if you aren’t a believer), but I have a damn good feeling that The ABCs Of Death 2 is going to be something special either way.

Be sure to check out the Green Band trailer below, and let us know which director’s letter you’re looking forward to most!

Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado
Alejandro Brugués
Bill Plympton
Chris Nash
Dennison Ramalho
Erik Matti
Evan Katz
Hajime Ohata
Jen and Sylvia Soska
Jerome Sable
Jim Hosking
Juan Martinez Moreno
Julian Barratt
Julian Gilbey
Julien Bustillo and Alexandre Maury
Kristina Buozyte and Bruno Samper
Lancelot Imasuen
Larry Fessenden
Marvin Kren
Robert Boocheck
Robert Morgan
Rodney Ascher
Soichi Umezawa
Steven Kostanski
Todd Rohal
Vincenzo Natali

Source: YouTube