‘The Adam Project’ early reactions praise Netflix’s upcoming time travel movie

The Adam Project
Photo via Netflix

Netflix is gearing up to launch sci-fi adventure The Adam Project next month, and a select few have already been given the opportunity to see it. From those who saw the preview screening, the responses have been mostly positive, with many lauding the unique story, compelling emotion, and impressive performances from the cast.

The Adam Project is the work of director Shawn Levy, who reunites with his Free Guy star Ryan Reynolds, The story follows Reynolds’ title character, who heads back in time winding up back in his childhood home, where he encounters a younger version of himself.

The two Adams seek to uncover a conspiracy revolving around their father (as played by Mark Ruffalo), who vanished under mysterious circumstances, but everything surrounding their shared past and potential future isn’t quite as straightforward as it seems.

As you can see from the reactions below, The Adam Project looks to be stirring up memories of classic 1980s sci-fi family films among preview audiences, with the drama coming in for as much praise as the performances.

The Adam Project comes to streaming on March 11, and when you couple the early buzz with the widespread acclaim and popularity of Levy and Reynolds’ previous collaboration, there’s plenty of reasons to get seriously excited about their latest team-up.