The Amazing Spider-Man Rakes In $75 Million In Three Days

The Amazing Spider-Man continues to pull in strong numbers as its domestic total has now reached $75.5 million after 3 days. Earning $16.3 million on Thursday, the Sony reboot continues to dominate the Fourth of July weekend at the box office. Facing a 30% drop from Wednesday, many wonder if Spidey can continue to pull in such numbers with new movies like Savages and Katy Perry: Part of Me opening up this weekend.

With pricey 3D and IMAX tickets though, The Amazing Spider-Man does not hold up well to Marvel’s other 2012 blockbuster, The Avengers, which earned an astonishing $200 million in its opening weekend. As well, it falls behind the previous Spider-Man sequels, which earned $115 million and $151 million, respectively, in their opening weekend.

With the hugely anticipated Dark Knight Rises opening in just 14 days, the question is, how far can Spidey continue to spin his web at the box office? The film is on track to earn an estimated $140 million for the extended six-day weekend, but will its steam run out in the near future?

Let us know if you think the Spider can continue to crawl its way to the top of the box-office in the weeks to come.