When To Expect The Avengers 4 Title And Trailer


Now that Captain Marvel has emerged into the warm light of day, Marvel enthusiasts are beginning to ask the question: when, exactly, can we expect the first teaser trailer for Avengers 4?

Marvel Studios hasn’t even announced the official title yet, so it’s fair to say that we’re still a ways away from learning anything official regarding Avengers 4 and its super-secret story. But the clock is ticking, and should Marvel adhere to a similar strategy to the one put in place for Infinity War, the first footage for Avengers 4 ought to be online by November.

The good folks at MCU Cosmic put out another public service announcement earlier this morning, where they directed impatient fans to a previous article from Collider in which MCU chief Kevin Feige reminds everyone that the radio silence surrounding Avengers 4 will remain intact until the “end of the year.”

That’ll be after the Captain Marvel teaser probably, announcing that title. It’ll be towards the end of the year with however we launch that film.

So that’s that. Kevin Feige and the Powers That Be over at Marvel Studios will likely hold fire on any Avengers 4 marketing material until November, the same month in which Infinity War debuted that epic teaser.

It’s also looking increasingly likely that the title and trailer will be revealed simultaneously – or, failing that, Marvel will use the Avengers 4 title reveal to pinpoint exactly when the first teaser will debut.

Perhaps we’re overanalyzing things? But after 20 movies and countless MCU adventures, can you really blame us? Avengers 4 is as big as it gets, and with a May 3rd launch date locked in, the hype and excitement will only continue to balloon in size as time wears on.