The Avengers Passes $600 Million Domestically

Marvel’s The Avengers is expected to pass the $600 million mark today domestically, putting it in the third spot of the all-time highest grossing films in American history. The first two spots belong to Avatar and Titanic, with The Avengers having recently surpasses the fourth place earner, The Dark Knight.

Globally, The Avengers has earned over a billion dollars, one of twelve films to do so. These sky-high numbers are really no surprise, given the enormous success achieved by the numerous films to which The Avengers is the sequel.

Plus, Titanic aside, Dark Knight and Avatar both released in recent years where ticket sales were at similar numbers to prices today. The success of these films, particularly of the former, continues shows that new superhero movies have the potential to make obscenely big bucks.

Remember though, we still have The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises releasing this summer, both of which seem to fit the formula of one of America’s potentially highest grossing films. It’s very possible that one of them can steal Marvel’s spot.

Does The Avengers deserve such a high spot on the highest grossing list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.