The Batman Could Arrive In 2019


Ever since Matt Reeves officially took point at the helm of The Batman – after much deliberation, we might add – there have been scores of rumors and bite-sized tidbits relating to the director and, more specifically, his modus operandi. From Hitchcock to Rocksteady’s celebrated Arkham video game series, Reeves has cited a number of key inspirations when discussing his own take on Gotham’s Caped Crusader.

Filming on The Batman isn’t likely to commence until 2018, but that has in no way quelled excitement for the DC standalone pic. After all, Matt Reeves has just delivered the one-two punch of Dawn and War For The Planet of the Apes, so it’s only fitting that Warner will hold fire until next year before the cameras begin rolling. But when can we expect the film to actually land in theatres?

Unfortunately, an exact release date has yet to be revealed, and that hasn’t changed today, but if a recent report by Variety is to be believed, we may be seeing the Bat’s standalone outing in 2019. Again, Warner Bros. hasn’t confirmed that just yet, but it would make sense if production is indeed getting underway around the middle of next year, which is what we keep hearing.

One way or another, we’ll probably find out quite soon when exactly we’ll be seeing The Batman. After all, Comic-Con is right around the corner now and while it’ll undoubtedly be Justice League and Aquaman that take the lion’s share of the spotlight, we fully expect WB to peel back the lid on their entire DCEU slate during the convention.