‘The Batman’ cast list may have accidentally revealed the new Joker actor

'The Batman' cast list contains an eye-browsing mystery role for Eternals star Barry Keoghan. Could he be the new Joker?

The Batman has an incredible cast, though there’s one name on it that’s been raising eyebrows for a while. Eternals‘ Barry Keoghan is a rising star, though there’s been no firm confirmation of which character he’s playing in the Bat-universe (for a while it was thought he’d be Jim Gordon’s partner, but this seems inaccurate). Those eyebrows should be raised yet further as of today, as his character is officially titled “Unseen Arkham Prisoner”.

On top of that, prosthetics designer Mike Marino, who’s responsible for Colin Farrell’s impressive transformation into the Penguin, is also working on the “Unseen Arkham Prisoner” character.

So, you have a talented young actor known for his ability to play creepy roles and a prosthetics master working on his look. Many have concluded that Keoghan has been secretly cast as the Joker — after all, why do you need prosthetics for an unseen character? If so, this would almost certainly amount to a small cameo role (perhaps even the post-credits scene) setting up The Batman 2.

The Batman is already juggling the Riddler, the Penguin, Catwoman, and the less eccentric Gotham crime lords, but ever since it was announced, most assumed the sequel would see Batman facing off against his nemesis in their first major cinematic clash since The Dark Knight way back in 2008.

If The Batman really does introduce Keoghan as the Joker, expect audiences to go nuts. Anytime a new Joker is announced, it’s big news and could mean a sequel is fast-tracked through production.

But this is by no means a done deal. Keoghan may almost be certainly playing a member of Batman’s rogue’s gallery, but not necessarily the Joker. More on this as we hear it.

The Batman will hit theaters on March 4.

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