The Batman Co-Writer Throws Shade At Critics

the batman

With DC Fandome happening over the weekend, The Batman has been the talk of the town with the release of the main trailer. Based on the trailer, it’s clear the film will have some focus on the mental side of Batman. The character has always had problems stemming from the murder of his parents as a child and it doesn’t look like director Matt Reeves will be changing that aspect up.

Apparently, some fans aren’t buying Batman’s motivations for fighting crime. Co-writer of The Batman Mattson Tomlin decided to throw some shade at fans questioning why “Bruce Wayne should go to therapy and fix all the problems with his money.”

Tomlin is clearly protective over a story that he played a large role in creating. During the recent DC Fandome, Batman star Robert Pattinson had a chance to dive into the psychology of the character.

“He doesn’t have as much control over his personality, like the delineation between when he’s Batman and when he’s Bruce is not so clear and other kind of iterations of it, you know, he really knows what he’s doing when he’s putting on the cowl,” Pattinson said, via

He added, “And I kind of really like this idea of it’s a little bit out of control. He hasn’t completely defined what Batman is. I mean, it’s kind of, he gets lost in it. Whenever he’s putting on every night. And it’s kind of, you know, basically, he’s not sleeping and he’s becoming this quite sort of odd creature.”

Though The Batman won’t be an origin film, it appears that the psychology of the titular character will be at the forefront of the blockbuster.