‘The Batman’ confirms a 2nd secret identity for Bruce Wayne

bruce wayne the batman

You’d have to travel pretty far to find someone who wouldn’t be able to tell you Bruce Wayne’s secret identity, and that’s extended to his live-action adventures, too.

Almost every single movie featuring the Dark Knight has featured at least one other character discovering the reclusive billionaire leads a secret double life, and that’s set to continue with Matt Reeves’ The Batman. As well as the latest trailer making it clear the Riddler has figured it out, the upcoming reboot has thrown a second alter ego into the mix.

An official description that comes attached to a new line of merchandise reveals the hooded version of Robert Pattinson’s vigilante we’ve seen glimpsed in the footage has a code name, which you can read below.

“In the guise of The Drifter, Bruce Wayne is able to infiltrate the crowds of Gotham City at ground-level without revealing his true identity.”

The Batman finds Bruce during his second year moonlighting as Gotham City’s resident nocturnal vigilante, but when suiting up would be a little too on-the-nose, he evidently busts out The Drifter instead. It’s an interesting approach to throw another identity into the mix, but it’s not like a guy dressed as an armored bat would be able to blend into the crowd, especially if the mission in question requires a little more in the way of stealth and finesse.