‘The Batman’ costume designer shares unseen and unused concept art

the batman

Having done a number on the box office, The Batman is finally coming to streaming next week when it debuts on HBO Max, but new details about the comic reboot are still making their way online.

Director Matt Reeves’ BatVerse is much darker and more gothic-looking than previous renditions, delving into the psyche of its protagonist and exploring the depths of morality and justice. Robert Pattinson’s title hero has a brooding demeanor, evident in his Batsuit, which incorporates all shades of black and grey, complete with matching eye makeup.

The actor’s Dark Knight is the embodiment of stealth and camouflage; he acknowledges this fact himself in the opening monologue: “They think I’m hiding in the shadows. But I AM the shadows.” Keeping with that darkly menacing theme, British costume designer Glyn Dillon has shared some never-before-seen concept art used to develop the aforementioned Batsuit.

Posting to Instagram, Dillon shared several images that gave closer looks at the Caped Crusader both in and out of the full Batsuit, showcasing his cowl, makeup and battle-ready gauntlets. In addition, one of the slides in Dillon’s post shows over 24 varying design ideas for the Bat symbol — Batman’s most valuable tool for inducing fear.

Reflecting on his experience working with his fellow creators in the costume design workshop, Dillon gave particular praise to costume designer Jacqueline Durran, his mentor throughout the development stages. He also praised Reeves and Pattinson, expressing certain admiration for the finished product — of which he was extremely proud.

“‘The Batman’ was an odd job, what with Covid hitting after only a few weeks of shooting… But working with Dave Crossman again, Stella Atkinson, Sam Williams, Pierre Bohanna, Toby Hawkes and everyone in the workshop, Jenny Alford and her wonderful team, Ian Jones and his gang, Nick Roche-Gordon, Laura Renouf and Jessica Scott-Reed and all in ‘Breakdown’… it was an absolute pleasure and an honour. All of them are SO good at what they do!!

Also getting to work alongside the calm presence of Jacqueline Durran was a real treat, as well as an education, she’s a genius Costume Designer. Matt Reeves was excellent to work with, and Robert Pattinson couldn’t have been better in any way. And Greig Fraser made it all look beautiful. All the hard work that everyone put into it, really shows up on screen. I’m very proud to have been a part of it.”

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