‘The Batman’ fans in awe of Robert Pattinson getting into character in BTS video

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The Batman fans are in awe of Robert Pattinson slipping into character as DC’s Dark Knight in this fascinating behind-the-scenes video. While every actor who’s embodied Bruce Wayne has had to stretch themselves to some extent, R-Patz is more different from the brooding vigilante than most, as the British star’s easygoing demeanor and sense of humor have made him one of the internet’s boyfriends. But, as we await his debut as the Caped Crusader next month, this BTS clip reveals just how easily he gets into the mindset of the fearless crime fighter.

Twitter user @swifferwetjet2k shared a video, which soon went viral, that sees Pattinson shooting a sparring scene with Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman. While in between takes he’s not very intimidating, as he jokes around with director Matt Reeves and other crew members, as soon as the camera starts rolling Batman is in the building and Pattinson’s whole vibe changes to that of a stoic superhero.

“Rob casually going from lighthearted British man into Batman mode in an instant,” the tweeter captioned the clip, which you can see below.

Reeves has previously praised his leading man as a “chameleon” and expressed his opinion that none of the former Twilight star’s acting roles resemble his real-life self. The filmmaker even revealed Pattinson told him he has never used his own voice in a movie, always changing its tone, pitch, or accent in order to further remove the character he’s playing from himself.

That’s definitely what he’s done in The Batman, as his Bruce’s low, whispery growl, not to mention the American accent, couldn’t be any more unlike his regular speaking voice, as this video makes clear. Not that Pattinson nailed his Batman voice right off the, er, bat. The actor has admitted that his first attempt was so bad that Reeves had to ask him to stop doing it shortly after filming started.

Hopes are high that Robert Pattinson will end up being one of the best Batmen ever. We’ll find out how he fares when The Batman finally enters cinemas on March 4.

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