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‘The Batman’ fans react to the movie’s epic running time

DC fans have offered their thoughts and shared their reactions on the upcoming reboot's epic running time.

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After much rumor and speculation, the official running time for The Batman has been confirmed, and it’s every bit as butt-numbing as we’d been led to believe.

Matt Reeves’ reboot will clock in at an epic 167 minutes without credits, meaning that it’ll come within touching distance of three hours before the lights come up. That comfortably makes it not just the longest standalone Batman movie ever, with Christopher Nolan’s 165-minute The Dark Knight Rises setting the previous benchmark, but one of the lengthiest comic book adaptations of all-time.

In fact, only four superhero blockbusters have ever exceeded three hours including credits, and three of them were directed by Zack Snyder, two of which featured the Caped Crusader.

When you factor in the laundry list of names to be credited after the story draws to a close, The Batman is likely to sit fifth on the historical rankings behind Snyder’s 242-minute Justice League, the 215-minute Ultimate Cut of Watchmen, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘s 182-minute Ultimate Edition, and the 181-minute Avengers: Endgame.

Naturally, a myriad of reactions were proffered online, and you can check them out below.

Of course, the most important question surrounding The Batman‘s hefty amount of minutes is whether it ends up justifying such an exorbitant amount of screentime, but the footage we’ve seen so far does paint a hugely encouraging picture.

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