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Mad Men Star Jon Hamm Reportedly Campaigning For Lead Role In The Batman

As online rumors intensify, Radar Online is asserting that Jon Hamm is quietly campaigning for the title role on The Batman.

From Don Draper to the Caped Crusader?

That’s the latest DC-related rumor bouncing off the walls of the Internet. First reported by Radar Online, sources close to the outlet now claim that Jon Hamm of Mad Men fame is quietly campaigning for the title role in Matt Reeves’ Batman movie.

And though Ben Affleck has been donning the cape and cowl since 2016, it’s looking increasingly likely that Justice League will be remembered as Batfleck’s last hurrah. Reeves allegedly doesn’t want him, and Ben Affleck has been casting doubt on his future in the DC Extended Universe – or lack thereof – for what feels like far too long.

All of this uncertainty led to Jake Gyllenhaal being tipped for The Batman, though Warner Bros. isn’t all that keen on the Oscar favorite, who silenced the naysayers with his tour-de-force performance in Stronger. Perhaps that’ll open up an avenue for Jon Hamm to, ahem, swoop in and steal the prize? Here’s the latest:

Matt thinks Jon is charming and was a big fan of Mad Men, so it seems like a great transition to him. Jake Gyllenhaal has also been chasing the role, and Matt has definitely been considering him. But Jon is closer to Ben’s age and look, and will be a smoother replacement to fit into the plans already in place.

Other tidbits from Radar Online suggest Jon Hamm is “gunning hard” for the coveted role, which would presumably see him suit up as Batman for Matt Reeves’ long-rumored standalone pic and a Justice League sequel – you know, assuming Warner Bros. wants to take another crack at its DC super-team after last month’s box office flop.

As you’ll no doubt remember, Hamm and Ben Affleck shared the screen together for The Town, the hardboiled crime pic that Affleck directed. But it seems the former has developed a case of tunnel vision when it comes to The Batman:

Things have been going great for Jon since Mad Men wrapped. An iconic part like this would take his career to the next level. He doesn’t care whose toes he has to tread on to get there.

Filming on The Batman will commence mid-way through 2018. Surely by then we’ll have a better understanding of the Matt Reeves spinoff and, more importantly, its titular star? We can only hope.

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