The Batman Moves Forward As Matt Reeves Begins Hiring His Crew


The Batman may be closer to a production start than we initially thought.

Amid reports that the Matt Reeves solo movie had been placed on ice until such time as Warner Bros. gauged the success of upcoming DCEU releases – think Aquaman, Shazam! and Wonder Woman 1984 – the folks over at Batman-on-Film have uncovered new evidence which suggests Reeves is already in the process of cobbling together a crew.

Essentially, the latest rumor kicking around is that Warner Bros. and Matt Reeves have been casting the net in search of a film team, which, if true, strongly suggests that The Batman is headed for pre-production sooner rather than later. This is all hearsay for now, of course, as neither WB nor Matt Reeves have openly confirmed anything just yet, but this alleged timeline tells us that the Caped Crusader’s next standalone adventure could be prepped and ready for a theatrical release in 2020, where it will presumably join Green Lantern Corps.

A 2021 window seems the more likely of the two, particularly when you remember that Matt Reeves has (supposedly) been given Nolan-esque control of Batman’s immediate future. Whether that involves some narrative ties to the mooted Joker origins film is another question entirely – for the record, that’s Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips’ anti-hero pic, not to be confused with the planned solo movie for Jared Leto’s own Crown Prince of Crime.

Regardless, it now appears that The Batman is finally – finally! – beginning to set the wheels in motion, though until we have firm confirmation from Warner Bros., perhaps it’s best to file this one in the rumor cabinet.

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