Batman Star Ben Affleck Meets With Warner Bros. During Break From Rehab


It seems Ben Affleck has taken a break from rehab treatment to meet with Warner Bros. – presumably to discuss his future (or lack thereof) within the rebranded Worlds of DC.

TMZ has the scoop, revealing that Affleck swung by a studio meeting on the Warner Bros. lot yesterday afternoon. Further details weren’t disclosed, but that hasn’t curbed the flood of rumors relating to The Batman and Ben Affleck’s potential role in it.

Last time he suited up as Gotham’s Dark Knight, the box office numbers were… unfavorable. Indeed, Justice League was raked over the coals for its overstuffed plot and substandard CGI, leading to rumors that, like Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck was ready to walk away from the DC franchise.

But based on TMZ’s report, the Batman actor (?) still has some unfinished business to tend to:

Ben was spotted heading into a Warner Bros. office Wednesday, and looked like a man who means business. In Hollywood, that means script-in-hand and that appears to be the case here. There’s a report Ben completed rehab treatment in Malibu, but our sources say nothing’s further from the truth.

This status report does stress that Ben Affleck is “doing well with treatment,” so we’re hoping for a full recovery when all is said and done – even if it means that Matt Reeves ultimately sides with another actor when launching The Batman.

Of the rumored shortlist, only Jon Hamm has expressed any real interest in donning the cape and cowl for Warner Bros., given the likes of Oscar Isaac and Ryan Gosling are no longer in contention. Hamm certainly has the right jawline for Bats, though we’re hearing that Matt Reeves wants to skew younger when selecting his Bruce Wayne.

Source: TMZ