‘The Batman’: you can now download Riddler’s evidence files, including his 9-page diary

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The Batman fans have just gotten a wealth of new content available for download related to the film: the evidence files and diary of Paul Dano’s Riddler.

Taking a mystery/thriller approach to the Caped Crusader, Robert Pattinson’s Batman truly embodies the moniker of The World’s Greatest Detective in the movie, in a way never before realized on the big screen.

One of the clues Batman comes across is the website address provided by the serial killer Edward Nashton, called rataalada.com. The phrase roughly translates to “rat with wings” in Spanish, the main clue that Riddler gives Batman to locate a major player in Gotham City’s corrupt political landscape.

The website is active in real life, and was used as a promotional stunt for the movie in which fans could try to answer riddles to unlock bonus content. Fans first became aware of the website back in Dec. 2021, when the phrase was scrawled on a promotional display for The Batman.

Beginning one week ago, coinciding with the film’s release in theaters, the website began to display a message that read “loading…1%,” (per the Internet Archive). The percent slowly climbed throughout the week, until reaching 100% Friday morning.

As it turns out, the reward for the website reaching 100% are the evidence files that the Riddler uses to spotlight Gotham’s corruption. You can download a .zip folder from the website containing many newspaper clippings and photographs of politicians doing shady dealings, as seen in the film. The folder also contains a .PDF of nine pages of Riddler’s own diary.

Shortly after the assets became available, someone posted the files on a Twitter thread for all to see.

One fan applauded the incredible amount of detail the filmmakers engaged to show, via the diary, Riddler’s descent into madness ,upon finding a ledger that documented Gotham’s corruption.

People are already trying to look for more hidden messages within the files.

And some fans were creating their own mashup art using the new assets.

“[T]his is so cool,” was one Twitter user’s reaction.

The Batman is in theaters now.

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