The best gifts for ‘Star Wars’ fans

Since the ’80s, George Lucas’ Star Wars has captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. Whether you were present during Luke Skywalker’s first foray against The Empire or have been following the stand-alone Disney Plus stories like The Mandalorian, there’s no denying that Star Wars has had (and continues to have) a wealth of content to awe fans of the franchise. From the Jedi Knights to Storm Troopers, every fan has found a piece of the universe that represents their dedication to the ever-growing saga. 

With the holiday season rolling around the corner and a roster of Disney Plus originals like The Book of Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi set to release soon, now is the perfect time to stock up on great gifts that cater to everyone’s intergalactic needs as we inch closer to Christmas. Regardless of whether you’re treating yourself or buying something for your favorite Star Wars fan, these gift recommendations are great presents to enjoy while one watches their next trilogy marathon as they prepare for Disney Plus to premiere their latest installments in the franchise.

Jedi Challenges AR headset and lightsaber control

A great gift for any Star Wars fan embracing the Force. If you’re a Jedi and fond of the lightsaber, then this augmented reality gaming system is sure to take your training to the next level. The Jedi Challenges AR Headset and Lightsaber Control is powered by your smartphone and uses an app that immerses you in three different epic experiences. You can learn to master the art of lightsaber duels, command troops against invading forces, or challenge your mind with Holo-Chess. It’s also available with a multiplayer option that allows you to engage other players in intense one-on-one local battles in the new Lightsaber Versus Mode. At $160, it’s a bit pricey, but certainly worth every penny.

The Rise of Skywalker D-O Interactive Droid 

If you or your friend is a huge fan of the recent Skywalker trilogy with Rey and Kylo Ren, then you’re really going to love this gift. Great for both kids and adults, the D-O Interactive Droid allows fans to display and play with the toy inspired by the little roller droid from The Rise of the Skywalker. Using a free downloadable app, fans can drive D-O around with a number of multiple modes, including a Guard and Alarm mode. Complete with light-up LED eyes, sound effects, and a fashionable docking station that looks great on your shelf as D-O charges, this toy is another great addition to any Star Wars collection. Plus $43 is a reasonable price for a robotic companion.

Luke Skywalker battle simulation helmet

Ever had dreams of being an X-Wing pilot? Well, this Luke Skywalker Battle Simulation Helmet may be the closest you’ll get to the real thing. Synchronized LED lights and three speakers create an immersive battle simulation experience as you choose between piloting an X-Wing at the Battle of Yavin or a snowspeeder at the Battle of Hoth. A premium electronic helmet with a detailed movie-inspired design, this replica of Luke Skywalker’s iconic helmet will also look great as part of any fan’s cosplay on May 4th. And for all the bells and whistles, $130 is actually not a bad price considering the value of everything you’re getting.

Air Hogs Poe’s Boosted X-Wing Fighter

Nowadays, drones are the go-to gift for remote control vehicles. But if you’re an X-Wing enthusiast who prefers the old days of remote control cars and helicopters, then this authentic replica of Poe Dameron’s X-Wing from The Force Awakens is a perfect gift to add to your collection.

Thanks to the producers at Air Hogs, Poe’s X-Wing comes with an intuitive remote control that is easy to handle and navigate, allowing you to focus on perfecting your mid-air tricks and stunts. With its gyro stabilization feature and Powercore Drive Train, even the most difficult and daring pilot moves are simple to achieve. And since there’s a good chance that you’ll be crashing many times as you test your new toy out, Air Hogs has also incorporated an impact-resistant design so that your X-Wing can bounce back quickly in return to the air without suffering much damage. 

A good gift for any drone-loving fanatic that you may know, this $120 priced toy is a good investment when presented to the right hands.

Boba Fett Firebird track pants

One of the best ways to display your Star Wars pride is with themed clothing, and these Boba Fett Firebird Track Pants are a comfortable way to show your dedication to the galaxy far, far away. Aside from Luke Skywalker, there is no other character quite as legendary as Boba Fett, and these essential track pants proudly combine color scheme of Boba Fett’s armor with the standard Adidas look that is great for any casual setting, especially if you’re at home with friends watching the latest Disney Plus original. Although it’s a bit pricey at $70, having this special edition Boba Fett-themed pair of pants is a good investment if you’re truly into fashion like that.

Star Wars Rebel Yogibo Max

Let’s get this out of the way right now: you’re going to be paying a hefty price of $300 if you want this very comfortable piece of furniture. However, it’s an investment worth making, even if you’re not a Star Wars fan. Considered “the best bean bag for gaming” by IGN, this bean bag chair is a versatile product that completely conforms to your body with zero pressure points, allowing it to be used as a chair, recliner, bed, or even a couch. Despite the fact that it only weighs 19 pounds and takes up less than four feet of space, the Rebel Yogibo Max can actually accommodate up to four people at once. 

And you’re not limited to just the Rebel Edition, either. Whether you identify with the light or the dark side, this special edition Yogibo comes with both Rebel and Empire versions, with either sporting a unique emblem for their respective sides. With its two-tone color scheme, it’s also a fashionable gift for any fan no matter what side they choose. It also has great functionality and can be used as therapeutic furniture to help individuals with back complications or sensory processing issues.

Millennium Falcon waffle maker

Speaking of home decor, turning your entire home into a collector’s paradise isn’t necessarily a bad idea when you’re a fan with a family. If you’re looking to turn your kitchen into a full-blown Star Wars experience, this Millennium Falcon waffle maker is a good place to start, as it can help you give your breakfast an intergalactic edge. 

Easy to assemble and complete with non-stick cast aluminum cooking plates, the waffle maker’s durable phenolic resin housing makes it easy to create Millennium Falcon-themed waffles, hash browns, cookies, and anything else you can think of.

Simply pour in the batter, wait for the sensor to light up, and remove a perfectly browned treat while you watch your favorite show on Disney Plus. For $50, it’s a sound investment for any fan looking to make George Lucas’s famous saga a part of their home.

Yoda doormat

There’s no better way to invite company into your home than with a Yoda door mat from Amazon. With the face of Yoda stitched into this beautiful green doormat, any guests that visit your home will rightfully get the idea that they’re dealing with a fan of the little green guy. Even if you’re not a Star Wars fan, this mat is a great way to spruce up your outside home decor to suit these modern times. At the low price of $30, it’s a pretty cheap investment for something that could last you for years to come.

Citizen Star Wars Trench Run Watch

If you’re a Star Wars collector who is also fashion-savvy, then this Trench Run from Citizen is also a great addition for your growing collection. Inspired by an original citizens analog-digital watch from the 1980s, the Trench Run watch has a rectangular black stainless steel case that is packed with features including dual time in both X-Wing and TIE fighter pilot views, an alarm, the digital time, and even the temperature. The only downside to this extremely pricey $300 item is that the watch does not come with a battery, so you’re going to have to buy one. However, with nostalgia at an all-time high and creating a lucrative demand for vintage products, this watch may prove to be a smart investment ten years from now. 

R2-D2 cookie jar

Another product guaranteed to bring the essence of Star Wars to your home decor, this R2-D2 cookie jar will be a great companion piece to your Millennium Falcon waffle maker, should you decide to purchase one. Inspired by the loyal and lovable droid that accompanied Luke Skywalker on his first mission and crafted of sturdy earthenware with hand applied decals, this tall cookie jar makes an out-of-this-world gift for Jedis of ages.

Star Wars phone cases 

If you’re looking to proudly display your intergalactic love for all to see, nothing is better than a Star Wars phone case from Otterbox. These Symmetry Series Galactic Collection Cases come in a variety of designs that feature your favorite characters like Kylo Ren, The Stormtroopers, and R2D2. They’re priced at $45 and make for good functional gifts for you or your friends. 

Rey Legacy Saga Series Smartwatch 

Inspired by the young Jedi Rey, this special edition smartwatch’s design and character-themed app experience will help you channel Rey’s bravery in a fashionable accessory modeled after the hero’s look and lightsaber. The watch’s smart phone app also has a wealth of functional options that go well with its $329 price tag. You can put your inner fan on display with several Rey-inspired watch faces as you elevate the experience with a Rey theme designed in the Garmin Connect app.

But that’s not all. The watch also comes with fitness and wellness tracking tools to help you grade your performance⏤a Garmin standard, of course⏤as you commit to your daily exercise routine to stay fit and healthy. As a smartwatch, you can also use it to make payments, store music, and get notifications. This Legacy Saga Series Smartwatch by itself will be the only present you need to have your Star Wars fan jump out of their seat in excitement.

Death Star herb grinder

If your friend is of the 420-friendly variety and loves to “join” the X-Wing Fighters as they journey through space at warp speed, then this Death Star Herb Grinder is going to be a great gift and investment towards helping them get there. This three-part grinder on Amazon comes with the classic Death Star design and a cover magnet that will keep the Death Star together so your “herbs and spices” stay fresh longer. A great product for the Star Wars fan looking to get their expedition to space moving along a little bit “quicker,” this a nice and thoughtful gift at only $14.99.

Millennium Falcon ice molds

If you’re looking for a cheap gift that’s both functional and unique, you can always buy Millennium Falcon ice molds from Amazon. In addition to common ice cubes, the Millennium Falcon Ice Molds can also be used for chocolate, Jell-O, or cupcakes. The mold is not simply limited to the Millennium Falcon; it also comes in the familiar shapes of the X-Wing Fighters as well as the helmets of Darth Vader and the Imperial Stormtroopers.

They’re heat and cold resistant, so you can bake or freeze anything you think of in them. They’re also oven and microwave safe, so you can use them pretty much everywhere around your kitchen. And at an astoundingly low $18.99, it’s probably the best investment on this list.

Which Star Wars-themed gift are you most likely to get a friend or loved one? Sound off below!

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