The best lightsabers in ‘Star Wars’ history

Like it or not, Star Wars is wholeheartedly responsible for modern-day science fiction. Whether it’s the creatures, ships, characters, or storyline, there’s nothing quite like that galaxy far, far away. Arguably the most iconic piece of Star Wars mythos isn’t a character or ship though, but instead a weapon. Something colorful, beautiful, and deadly: The lightsaber. 

These elegant weapons of the Jedi and Sith are an unmistakable accessory for Force users everywhere and have captivated fans for generations. What started out as a handful of futuristic swords has turned into a legendary rolodex of the galaxy’s most formidable laser blades.

Spanning the entire Star Wars saga, here are some of the best and brightest lightsabers in franchise history. 

Ahsoka’s white dual sabers 

A newer entry on this list, Ahsoka Tano’s lightsaber pair is hard to beat. With one regular saber and an accompanying shoto small saber, they don’t just look cool ⏤ they’re lethal. After leaving the Jedi, Ahsoka’s lightsabers signify her detachment as she creates her own path. 

Count Dooku’s curved lightsaber 

Prequel-hate aside, Count Dooku’s curved Sith blade is an unforgettable addition. It’s the epitome of what a Sith lightsaber should be: beautiful but dangerous, deadly but alluring. Much like the man himself, the curved saber showcases his ominous versatility and unique poise. 

Mace Windu’s purple lightsaber 

Mace Windu’s purple lightsaber is the only one of its kind, and that’s how things should stay. Second in power only to Master Yoda himself, Mace Windu’s saber sets him apart from the group with a style and swagger that mirrors the Jedi who uses it. 

Darth Maul’s double-bladed lightsaber

Unmistakable, mind-blowing, impossible. Words like these come to mind when viewing Darth Maul’s double-bladed lightsaber for the first time. Its reveal in The Phantom Menace will go down in history as one the most jaw-dropping moments in Star Wars. What was thought to be an average Sith saber became a dexterous killing machine. Rest in peace, Qui-Gon. We will forever miss thee.

Luke’s green lightsaber

After getting his hand chopped off and losing it down the air chutes of Cloud City (along with the lightsaber it was holding), Luke Skywalker had to craft himself a new weapon. Revealing his creation in Return of the Jedi, green is the natural successor to the classic blue saber. With his new look, Luke’s green saber signifies his transformation into a full-fledged Jedi Knight. Speaking of the classics…

The Skywalker lightsaber

This family heirloom is the one that started it all. Over the years, it’s changed countless hands and been a trusty addition to many a Skywalker. Anakin, Luke, Rey, and Ben (Kylo Ren). Straightforward and uncomplicated, without this lightsaber, nothing else matters. It’s the only weapon to be used in all three trilogies, and that is as it should be. “It’s like poetry, they rhyme.

Kylo Ren’s crossguard lightsaber 

Kylo Ren’s unstable lightsaber was a true high note of the sequel trilogy. Borrowing medieval iconography, a crossguard is meant to protect its user from having their wrists or arms damaged. That’s not a bad idea when your grandfather and uncle have both had their hands or arms hacked off throughout their countless battles. It must run in the family?

The Darksaber

Used by heroes and villains alike, the Darksaber is a totally unique piece of Star Wars lore. Crafted by Tarre Vizsla, the first Mandalorian Jedi, this ancient black blade holds the key to ruling the planet of Mandalore. It also looks like nothing seen before or since and is a genuinely striking weapon. Only time will tell the fate of the Darksaber with The Mandalorian season three.

The Grand Inquisitor’s double-bladed spinsaber

Say that five times fast. The first animated saber on this list, the Grand Inquisitor’s lightsaber is one-of-a-kind. Not only is it double-bladed, but it’s also able to spin in a full circle due to the special hilt design. It can be thrown like a boomerang, fend off multiple attackers, and most importantly looks downright remarkable. The only lightsaber that could possibly match its coolness is the animated beauty up next. 

The Sith’s umbrella lightsaber

There’s not much to say about this particular saber. It speaks loudly and proudly for itself. It’s not just a Star Wars weapon ⏤ it’s a whole moment, one of those rare times when your eyes don’t believe what they’re seeing and begin to reject reality altogether. Coming to fans by way of Star Wars: Visions, this is an installment in what seems to be a totally new era of lightsaber design.

This goes without saying, but…

Bonus: Darth Vader’s lightsaber

Here’s a lightsaber soaked in the blood of about half the galaxy. (Joking, kind of.) Never meeting a challenge too great or a foe too powerful, Darth Vader’s red lightsaber is simple, because killing isn’t complicated for the most powerful Sith of all time. It’s as iconic of a blade as the original Skywalker lightsaber and will go down in history as a true hallmark of villainous weaponry. 

These are just some of the most impressive lightsabers in Star Wars history. If you’ve got sabers on the brain and would like to know more about what their colors mean, check out this article written by someone who isn’t afraid of shameless plugs. For now, all that’s left to do is daydream about what the next galaxy-stopping lightsaber will be.