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The best Natasha Liu Bordizzo movies and TV shows, ranked

Former law student Natasha Liu Bordizzo is crushing it as an actress.

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Natasha Liu Bordizzo is riding the acting wave like a pro surfer. Bordizzo has firmly cemented herself as a thespian extraordinaire with her dazzling performances in various Netflix productions. Her portrayal of Sabine Wren in the live-action series Ahsoka on Disney Plus further builds a fortress of success in the industry. Natasha, born on Aug. 25, 1994, in Sydney, Australia, began acting virtually by chance. She was a Bachelor of Law/Bachelor of Communication student at the University of Technology in Sydney when she went to her first audition. 

This audition resulted in her landing the part of Snow Vase in the Netflix sequel Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny, where she demonstrated her martial arts skills, which she had been developing since she was a teenager. Natasha’s career took off after her breakthrough performance. She played a key role in the 2018 film Hotel Mumbai, appearing alongside stars like Dev Patel and Armie Hammer. Many fans are looking forward to seeing what other roles Natasha Liu Bordizzo will play. For the time being, though, here is a list of her top film and television credits.

10. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny (2016)

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny marked a spectacular breakthrough for Natasha Liu Bordizzo. Natasha played the role of Snow Vase in this sequel to the 2000 film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, which received rave reviews. A young and talented martial artist, Snow Vase sets out to find Michelle Yeoh’s Yu Shu Lien, a legendary warrior, intending to become her apprentice and benefit from her wealth of knowledge. 

Snow Vase matures and develops throughout the film, changing from a wild and impulsive young warrior to a thoughtful and strategic one. Natasha’s martial arts segments are one of the most remarkable aspects of her portrayal of Snow Vase. Given that this was her first acting role, her ability to perform sophisticated fight choreography was impressive. Natasha underwent intense training to prepare for the part, ensuring that her combat scenes were authentic and visually appealing.

9. Wish Dragon (2021)

Natasha Liu Bordizzo offers the voice of Li Na in the animated film Wish Dragon. Sony Pictures Animation’s film follows the adventures of a young man named Din and a magical, wish-granting dragon through the bustling streets of present-day Shanghai. Li Na is Din’s childhood friend. As children, they were inseparable, sharing dreams and adventures in their close-knit neighborhood. 

However, as time went on, they went in separate directions. Li Na, who comes from a privileged family, is swept up in the glamour and social norms of the upper class, while Din stays behind in their old neighborhood, holding dear the memories of their shared history. Li Na’s personality has several facets. But even though Li Na has the outward appearance of living a life of ease and comfort, she struggles with the expectations of her social status and yearns for real friendships and the basic pleasures of life. 

8. Hotel Mumbai (2018)

Bree, played by Natasha Liu Bordizzo in the gripping and intense thriller Hotel Mumbai, is a standout performance. The movie depicts the real-life siege of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel during the terrorist attacks on Mumbai in 2008. The film delves deep into the harrowing experiences of the hotel guests, staff, and the brave individuals who risked their lives to save others. As the attacks begin, Bree, a young backpacker and tourist, is holed up at the hotel. 

Throughout the film, Bree’s character makes her way through the turmoil and terror of the hotel halls in search of safety while also attempting to help. Bree’s interactions with the other characters, especially the hotel employees and the other stranded guests, illustrate the film’s overarching theme: the human will to persevere and the desire to aid others, no matter how dire the circumstances. 

7. The Society (2019)

In the intriguing TV series The Society, Natasha Liu Bordizzo takes on the role of Helena. The show, broadcast on Netflix, explores the strange circumstances under which a group of teenagers find themselves in a replica of their town, but with all the adults mysteriously missing. Helena is a devoted Christian with a strong sense of morality and justice. Throughout the series, she frequently looks to her faith for guidance, especially in the town’s chaos and uncertainty. 

Helena’s persona stands out as a ray of light and a pillar of stability in this community struggling to come to terms with the mysterious disappearance of their loved ones and the difficulties of self-governance. Helena’s connection to Luke, another local hero, is essential to the story. Their friendship, built on shared principles and respect, is a refreshing contrast to the more problematic pairings shown elsewhere in the show. 

6. Guns Akimbo (2019)

An action comedy film directed by Jason Lei Howden, Guns Akimbo is notable for its eye-catching visuals and intense action scenes. The protagonist, Miles, is a programmer in a dead-end career who finds himself suddenly drawn into an underground fight club broadcasting deadly matches live online. Daniel Radcliffe plays Miles, and Natasha Liu Bordizzo plays Nova, his ex-girlfriend. 

With its bright colors, unusual camera angles, and bizarre character designs, Guns Akimbo offers a descent into madness. The film delves into the risks of the dark web and the consequences of partaking in violent online shows. It serves as a cautionary tale, warning against the appeal of voyeuristic violence and the potential loss of identity that might result from it.

5. The Voyeurs (2021)

The erotic thriller The Voyeurs centers around a young couple, played by Sydney Sweeney and Justice Smith, who move into a new apartment and get preoccupied with watching their neighbors across the street, which has unintended effects. Julia, one of the film’s main characters, is played by Natasha Liu Bordizzo. As the story progresses, the boundaries between voyeurism, obsession, and morality begin to blur, setting the stage for a thrilling and dramatic climax. 

The film digs deeply into questions of privacy, ethics, and the ramifications of unchecked curiosity. Amazon Studios released The Voyeurs on Amazon Prime Video on 10 September 2021. Despite getting mixed reviews from critics, the film outperformed Amazon Studios’ expectations.

4. Day Shift (2022)

The action, vampire bloodshed, and comedic timing in Day Shift make for a thrilling cinematic experience. Bud Jablonski, played by Jamie Foxx, and Big John Elliott, played by Snoop Dogg, take viewers on a wild adventure through the streets of Los Angeles. Bud, a pool cleaner from the San Fernando Valley, is the film’s protagonist. He risks his life to hunt vampires and sell their teeth for profit. 

Bud is a blue-collar parent who wants nothing more than to give his bright 10-year-old daughter a good life. But he is caught up in a fatal scheme headed by Audrey San Fernando, a vampire who has been there for millennia and has a dastardly plan to gentrify the area for vampires. Heather, played by Natasha Liu Bordizzo, is Bud’s neighbor and a nurse transformed into a vampire in the 1970s against her will. The film also stars Dave Franco, Meagan Good, and Karla Souza.

3. Detective Chinatown 2 (2018)

Chen Sicheng’s comedy-mystery buddy film Detective Chinatown 2 is the follow-up to 2015’s Detective Chinatown. The story follows leads Qin Feng and his estranged uncle Tang Ren as they are tricked into traveling to New York for a wedding that never takes place. But the real reason they’ve been called in is to help with a high-profile murder investigation. Chinatown godfather Uncle Qi is giving a cool $5 million to any detective who can locate his grandson’s murderer within a week. 

Natasha Liu Bordizzo plays Officer Chen Ying. She is a Chinese-American NYPD investigator who plays an essential role in the film’s unraveling mystery and eventually develops as the love interest of Tang Ren. Officer Chen Ying assists the duo throughout the investigation by sharing her extensive local expertise and valuable insights. The film became one of the highest-grossing pictures of all time in China and earned over $544 million globally. 

2. The Greatest Showman (2017)

Natasha Liu Bordizzo plays Deng Yan in the musical film The Greatest Showman. Hugh Jackman plays P.T. Barnum, the Barnum & Bailey Circus creator, in the movie directed by Michael Gracey. It looks into the lives of the remarkable people who became a part of his fantastic act. Deng Yan is a circus performer in Barnum’s diversified group. While she is not one of the main characters, she is part of the ensemble that brings Barnum’s circus’s bright and eclectic world to life. 

The film praises individuality, diversity, and the belief that what makes us unique also makes us exceptional—the circus performers, including Deng Yan, battle public prejudice and skepticism throughout the film. However, they unite as a family under Barnum’s direction, appreciating their diverse abilities and cultures. They demonstrate that they can overcome adversity and discrimination with determination and solidarity.

1. Ahsoka (2023– )

Star Wars fans were overjoyed when it was announced that beloved character Ahsoka Tano would be getting her own live-action series. With its fantastic cast, creative crew, and the promise of deepening Ahsoka’s story, Ahsoka has become an important addition to the Star Wars universe.

In the Disney Plus series, which premiered on Aug. 22, Sabine Wren, played by Bordizzo, is a Mandalorian warrior and graffiti artist, an ex-bounty hunter, and a former apprentice of Ahsoka Tano who possesses an expert knowledge of weapons and explosives. Rosario Dawson returns to her role as the titular Ahsoka Tano from The Mandalorian

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