The Best Restoration Yet Of A Classic Zombie Film Is Now Available On Streaming

Zombies have taken over the world. Since rising to popularity in the 2000s they’ve maintained their position at the top of the horror pantheon, with countless movies, TV shows, games, and comic books all featuring the shambling undead. But now, with spooky season well and truly underway, HBO Max subscribers can check out an incredible remaster of the film that started it all: Night of the Living Dead.

George Romero’s 1968 horror classic lives up its classic status, combining social commentary that (sadly) remains relevant and some genuinely terrifying zombie thrills. One thing that makes it so scary is that it’s shot in black and white. This was chosen primarily for budgetary reasons (the film was shot for a mere $114,000), yet it gives it an indelibly timeless, stark, and brutal quality.

Even better is that the HBO Max version is about as perfect a transfer as it’s possible to get. They’re streaming the Criterion Collection’s version, which is a 2K scan of the 4K restoration print created by the Museum of Modern Art. Fans consider it the best the film has ever looked and even if you’ve already seen it, the new detail and resolution is a sight to behold.

HBO Max is fast building a reputation as the place to go for top-class horror. There is a ton of all-time classics available, including The Shining, IT parts 1 & 2, The Evil Dead movies, and the entire Nightmare on Elm Street franchise.

But sometimes it’s best to go back to where it all began, so make time for Night of the Living Dead this Halloween. You won’t regret it.