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The best story concept for ‘Knives Out 3’ just arrived from a very unlikely source

If Rian Johnson wants to surprise us, this is definitely the way to go (wocka wocka).

Image via Netflix

Rian Johnson impressed even seasoned murder mystery fans with Knives Out in 2019, and has just repeated the feat with Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. Netflix must be feeling very good about its reported $469 million purchase of two sequels, even if Johnson has an enormously difficult task ahead of him in confounding and delighting audiences for a third consecutive time with Knives Out 3.

One source may have had the best idea yet, though. Once again, we should expect an ensemble cast of A-listers, but perhaps they could be considerably fuzzier than the other two movies:

We recognize that this is very unlikely, but Daniel Craig’s eccentric Benoit Blanc would fit so perfectly into a Muppets-themed mystery that we demand it happen. So, who’d be the victim and who’d be the suspects?

We’re sorry to say that, as much as we love Kermit, he’s absolutely the best candidate to be murdered. He’s too good-natured to be a plausible suspect in any other Muppet’s death and all the other favorites have strong connections to him, although figuring out whodunnit may test even Blanc’s deductive powers.

The prime suspect has to be Miss Piggy, who’s renowned for flying into fits of rage, and we can imagine her driven to murder after coming to believe Kermit’s heart lies elsewhere. But she feels like too much like a red herring. Could Gonzo find himself holding the knife? Or perhaps the famously insecure Fozzie might be pushed over the edge?

After Knives Out and Glass Onion pulled the rug out from under us, we doubt we’ll be able to figure it out ahead of time, but if Johnson really wants to subvert audience expectations, going to The Muppets makes a surprising amount of sense.

Knives Out and Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery are available to stream on Netflix.

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