‘The Big 4’ trailer guarantees an unhinged Netflix actioner that isn’t going to suck for a change


The name Timo Tjahjanto needs no introductions to fans of hard-hitting action cinema, with the filmmaker responsible for the instant classic The Night Comes for Us, which comfortably ranks as one of the finest bone-breaking spectaculars of the last decade. He hasn’t returned to the genre since, but that’s about to change when The Big 4 comes to Netflix.

While Tjahjanto has agreed to take his talents to Hollywood with a remake of Steven Seagal favorite Under Siege, we haven’t heard a word on the updated aquatic extravaganza since the Warner Bros. Discovery merger was confirmed, so it may or may not even be in the pipeline at all.

the big 4
via Netflix

The basic premise of The Big 4 lives up to its billing, too, with the story following a quartet of retired assassins who end up crossing paths to form a tenuous alliance to take down an elusive killer. Along the way, if the trailer is to be believed at least, we’re in for a deranged slice of explosive hand-to-hand combat, bullets, blood, guts, and octane.

There’s a heavy comedic element being thrown into the mix, which marks fairly uncharted territory for Tjahjanto, and it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that Indonesia has become a huge hotbed for top-tier ass-kicking ever since The Raid exploded out of the blocks over a decade ago to bludgeon audiences over the head with its awesomeness.

The Big 4 seems promising as hell, and the exciting news is that it’s only couple of weeks away from premiering on December 15, where we ca only cross our fingers and hope it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle by the mighty algorithm.