‘The Black Phone’ image reveals a blood-soaked Ethan Hawke

the black phone

Ethan Hawke and Blumhouse go way back, with upcoming horror movie The Black Phone marking his ninth different film and television project with the hit factory, and it could well turn out to be their best collaboration yet.

The four-time Academy Award nominee is also reuniting with his Sinster director Scott Derrickson, and the two have previous in the genre after the film was named as the scariest of all-time in a scientific study, although it’s since been usurped by Zoom sensation Host.

Adapted from the short story by Joe Hill, The Black Phone is Derrickson’s first feature since the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Doctor Strange, and he’s back on familiar turf looking to scare audiences out of their seats. A new image revealed by Empire shows Hawke’s masked antagonist bloodied from his latest kill, which you can see below.

Legendary prosthetic artist Tom Savini designed the mask, which is just one of many Hawke will be sporting throughout the movie, and the concept of a serial killer trapping his victims in a basement that contains a telephone that rings at night with calls from the dead sets The Black Phone up as unsettling, atmospheric and altogether terrifying experience that can’t come soon enough.