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‘The Bob’s Burgers Movie’ is a hit with critics, certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes

Stomachs rejoice after the tomatoes on 'Bob's Burgers' certified fresh.

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The tomatoes on Bob’s Burgers have been certified fresh, validating the tastes of myriad moviegoers.

Film review behemoth Rotten Tomatoes gave The Bob’s Burgers Movie its signature seal of approval after the film received 87 percent positive reviews from critics. At the time of this writing, the cinematic adaptation of the long-running Fox series has an 88 percent approval rating from critics and 96 percent from the audience.

Katie Walsh of the Los Angeles Times rated the film a 3/4 and called it “one of the funniest, smartest and most unique summer movies of the year, the kind of lighthearted, charming, low-stakes and incredibly intelligent entertainment that is all too rare.” The Sydney Morning Herald‘s Sandra Hall gave a less laudatory but still positive review: “It’s not a film replete with belly laughs, but there are plenty of sly chuckles and Bouchard and his co-writer, Nora Smith, have a beguiling way of bending a cliche.”

Verified fan Ash wrote, “Funny! Def worth watching if you enjoy the show. Not what I expected at all, but, then again, not sure what I expected. Lol,” while another verified voter, Katie, proclaimed, “My sister and I absolutely loved the movie! The songs, the humor, all great! If you’re a Bobs Burgers fan you definitely don’t want to miss it.”

Steven Warner of In Review Online provided one of the few rotten reviews:

“The Belchers deserve better than The Bob’s Burgers Movie, as do their loyal fans. Sometimes the small screen is more than big enough.”

You can contribute your own review to Rotten Tomatoes after watching The Bob’s Burgers Movie at your local theater.

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