‘The Boys’ push Taika Waititi to share ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ trailer

the boys

Fans aren’t the only ones dying to see a trailer for Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder. The social media team for The Boys has made an offer to director Taika Waititi that he can’t refuse: a trailer for The Boys season 3 in exchange for one for Thor: Love and Thunder.

“A trailer for a trailer” the social media post reads as the team highlights a response by Waititi on the debut teaser trailer for The Boys season 3.

Marvel Studios’ next film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is set to launch on May 6, but, following that, Thor: Love and Thunder is next scheduled for July 8.

Despite its release only being around four months away, no footage or promotional material has been shared yet for the film. There is a number of reasons why this could be the case, but with the offer on the table, Waititi could share a glimpse of his upcoming MCU epic in exchange for more The Boys content.

Sadly, it isn’t likely that this offer will be the reason fans finally get a glimpse of Thor: Love and Thunder but it’s likely a trailer will launch soon as we approach its release.

If you’re looking to drown your sorrows in more The Boys content, both seasons one and two can be binged right now on Prime Video with the third season set to join them on June 3.