The Conjuring’s James Wan Helped Oversee Reshoots On The Nun


Proving he’s one of the busiest bees in Hollywood, it’s been revealed that James Wan, director of Aquaman and one of the architects responsible for the Conjuring Universe, helped oversee reshoots on The Nun.

Via Entertainment Weekly, director Corin Hardy has confirmed that, when The Nun entered the home stretch and he identified the areas in need of fine-tuning, James Wan agreed to shoot some additional photography on his 1950s-set spinoff – a spinoff that’s all about the ghoulish entity known as Valak.

Fans of the Conjuring series ought to be pretty familiar with the hooded abbess, given her involvement can be traced back to The Enfield Poltergeist. But just like The Crooked Man, New Line has ordered up a standalone movie for The Nun, and it’s now right around the corner, thank the heavens.

However, in order to cross that finish line, Hardy needed a little help from his horror peers – specifically, James Wan.

Very excitingly, James Wan was my second unit director in a little bit of additional photography. It is funny, but we did some additional photography, and you’re always pushing for double what you really can afford, time- or budget-wise. I said, ‘I want to do all of this, but if we’re going to do it, we really need to run two units.’ James is a full-on, hands-on guy and he was like, ‘Anything I can do of service!’ It was like, ‘I really want to take you up on that.’ So, there were nights when he was shooting a section in the forest and I was shooting interiors.

It’s not uncommon for executive producers like James Wan to oversee a series of reshoots once a film’s production begins to run into overtime, and The Nun is no different.

Set in 1950s Romania and featuring the demonic Valak, look for The Nun to be summoned into theaters on September 7th. And yes, it’s seemingly the darkest chapter of The Conjuring franchise – so far, at least – which is really saying something when you consider all the horrors that have preceded Corin Hardy’s creepy spinoff.