The Crow Reboot May Have Lost Luke Evans


Just when luck appeared to be swinging back in favor for Relativity Media’s long-gestating reboot of The Crow, not to mention news of Corin Hardy stepping in to direct in lieu of F. Javier Gutiérrez, it appears as though Luke Evans may soon follow the latter filmmaker out the door.

The Dracula Untold star is currently doing the press circuit for The Battle of the Five Armies, and in an interview with Den of Geek, Evans weighed in on the status of the long-gestating reboot.

“It’s not, no. No at the minute The Crow is not, not for me, I think it’s a little… I mean I’m sure it’s going to go ahead at some point, but I have other projects that are greenlit and ready to go and projects that I’m very interested in and you know, I can’t wait much longer! [laughs]”

Though it is by no means an out-and-out confirmation, it does appear as though the actor has at least went cold on the project. First attached to The Crow back in May of this year, Evans never officially signed on to the modern retelling in earnest, and producer Ed Pressman even went so far as to say that no casting has been confirmed as of October. Even still, for a project that has long been dragging its feet, news that Evans isn’t fully on board may force development to stall once more.

For the uninitiated, The Crow is an adaptation of James O’Barr’s cult graphic novel, which tells the tale of one Eric Draven, who finds himself resurrected from the dead and soon on a quest to avenge the death of his girlfriend Shelly and of course, himself.

Before today’s news, Relativity Media has slated Hardy’s The Crow to release in the latter stages of 2015, but whether Evans’ apprehension pushes that date back is another matter entirely.