Warner Bros. Announces IMAX Re-Release Of The Dark Knight For 10th Anniversary


Now there’s a Batman.

Warner Bros. has today confirmed that The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan’s carefully-crafted masterpiece, is all set for a special one-night-only IMAX screening in honor of its 10th anniversary.

Only four locations will host the DC sequel across North America in what is being described as a “limited one-week engagement.” That means that, from August 24th, venues in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Toronto will swing their doors open to the Caped Crusader for an unmissable IMAX 70mm screening of what is arguably Christoper Nolan’s magnum opus.

Ten years ago to the day, Nolan broke new ground in the superhero genre by capturing The Dark Knight on IMAX 70mm film – a technique he would greatly expand upon for The Dark Knight Rises, 72 minutes of which were filmed on the large-screen format, over the half-hour sequence(s) from The Dark Knight.

The end result was an engrossing crime saga that simply owned the screen, and even Gotham’s darkest night looked crystal-clear when projected in the IMAX format.

Christopher Nolan was lauded for his achievement (and rightly so) with critics declaring that The Dark Knight was filmmaking on another level – the truck-flip, for instance, is almost worth the price of admission alone. But if you missed out on The Dark Knight‘s original IMAX release, you’re in luck; for on August 24th, select theaters across Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Toronto will be hosting Nolan’s DC epic.