The Dark Knight Rises Will Not Be Shot Entirely On IMAX

It’s official, in an interview with the Wrap, Nolan’s cinematographer Wally Pfister has denied the rumours that The Dark Knight Rises will be shot entirely on IMAX, claiming there are several drawbacks in using this format for an entire shooting schedule.

He stated that cost and the inability to capture sound are just two of the many impediments in consistently using the format. Pfister has stated however that individual sequences will be shot using the gigantic cameras, those of you who saw The Dark Knight in IMAX cinemas will know that the action sequences were filmed using them. Shown by the shift in aspect ratio, the IMAX scenes take the full height of the screen.

The same principle of using the format for certain sequences I imagine will apply here. However Pfister is not yet signed for The Dark Knight Rises (it is inevitable that he will do it), it would be a great shame for him not to be a part of it, as the images he captured with the admittedly bulky camera were astounding. It gives a very unique style and spectacle which worked terrifically for those moments, Nolan knows what he’s doing and I think this is the correct decision.

The Dark Knight Rises will be released on July 20 2012