The Dark Tower Relocates To August

The Dark Tower is, without question, a riddle wrapped inside a mystery all nestled within a mind-bending enigma. It’s the nexus of time, for want of a better phrase, and the ultimate, alluring destination for a certain Roland Deschain.

But much like the fabled structure featured all throughout Stephen King’s sprawling saga, The Dark Tower movie adaptation has proven to be a difficult butterfly to pin for Sony. First announced almost seven years ago, the rights for King’s genre mash-up bounced around various studios before finding a home at Sony, and it wasn’t long before the company nailed down two bona fide A-listers in Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey. They’ll play Roland and the Man in Black, respectively, and EW brings word of the new and surely final release date for Nikolaj Arcel’s feature film.

According to the outlet, the journey to Mid-World begins on August 4th, after The Dark Tower switched release dates with The Emoji Movie, Sony’s star-studded animation set to take a deep dive into the digital world within your smartphone. A spokesperson for the studio told EW that the reason behind the switcheroo was to allow The Emoji Movie “more summertime play” before the school year begins, not to mention the fact that Nikolaj Arcel’s mind-bending adaptation will naturally skew toward an older audience.

Initially pegged for a release in February, before The Dark Tower relocated to July, Sony’s wildly ambitious adaptation of Stephen King’s magnum opus will finally be with us on August 4th. Rubbing shoulders with Spider-Man: Homecoming and a handful of Sony’s other tentpoles, TDT was also in attendance at CinemaCon, and you’ll be able to get a taste of what was on display in Las Vegas through this in-depth footage description.

Source: EW