The Enchanting Final Trailer For Disney’s Beauty And The Beast Has Arrived


Director Bill Condon breathes new life into an age-old classic in this final, enchanting trailer for Beauty and the Beast.

Extracting the core elements of the 1991 classic – the music, the iconic, unyielding romance, those delightful animated ornaments – and projecting them onto a much grander scale, up above we’re introduced to Emma Watson as the graceful Belle, a young bookworm and inventor who comes into contact with the Beast (Dan Stevens), only to discover that the towering monstrosity is much kinder than he appears.

Though she flirted with the possibility of donning Cinderella’s iconic, magical slippers for Kenneth Branagh, Watson took a liking to the character of Belle in Beauty and the Beast, and previous promos for Disney’s imminent remake showcase that the former Harry Potter star has truly embraced the role. Elsewhere on the casting docket, Luke Evans will play the part of Gaston, Emma Thompson stars as Mrs. Potts, Gugu Mbatha-Raw is Plumette and Kevin Kline will be Belle’s father, Maurice. Josh Gad and Stanley Tucci also star, and March 17 is the date for your diaries.

While there’s not a ton of new footage included in this latest look at the film, we do get enough fresh material to once again feel confident that this live-action remake is going to be another big hit for the studio. Whether or not it can reach the same heights that last year’s The Jungle Book did remains to be seen, but it certainly looks like a dazzling, enchanting film, one that should have no trouble recapturing the magic of the original.

Of course, Beauty and the Beast is by no means the only fairytale in line for the remake treatment; in its continued endeavour to overhaul its unrivalled back catalogue into live-action features, the Mouse House has already hatched plans for Mulan, Snow White, a Emma Stone-led Cruella and The Lion King, the latter of which will be directed by Jon Favreau after the filmmaker steered The Jungle Book toward global success in 2016.

Circling back to Condon’s film though, take a look at the new, and final trailer for it up above and be sure to leave us a comment letting us know what you think.