Richard Madden & Gemma Chan Comment On Costume Issues In Eternals

With Eternals coming out so soon, we’re finally getting small behind-the-scenes looks at what things were like behind the scenes on the film. With one of the most important parts of any superhero being their costume design (if Edna Mode is to be believed) it means a lot to get a bit of insight into how those came to be in the film.

In a recent video released by IMDB, Gemma Chan and Richard Madden discussed how the looks for Sersi and Ikaris came to be. Chan in particular seemed very happy with her costume while Madden had some issues with his during filming.

“I really loved the designs of Sammy Differ, our amazing costume designer,” Chan said. “I’d go in and I’d be like, ‘oh, this bit of costume is kind of cutting me off there in the ribs, and this bit–‘ and then they would just tweak and tweak and tweak. I loved being a part of that collaborative process.”

It does seem Madden had a far more complicated time with his costume causing some interesting filming considerations.

“I went, like, with the deeper blue, like the comic a bit more. And then it was mostly to do with like, practical elements of, like, when I’m flying… What do we do with my, kind of, situation that flops down? So it’s like, do we flop it back up? Do we velcro this? Do we, like, have to tie string around me and we take it out in post?

I don’t know. So you end up with all these crazy questions like, if I’m upsidedown, what will it look like?”

So it seems like a lot of deep consideration went into costumes on Eternals which is no surprise considering it’s a Marvel Studios production! We’ll just have to wait and see just how great a job Sammy Differ did with their designs when the movie comes out on Nov. 5, 2021.