The fan casting has already begun as Pedro Pascal puts name forward for MCU role

Pedro Pascal
Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images

It’s going to be a big year of television for Pedro Pascal, who is starring as Joel in HBO’s imminent The Last of Us adaptation, and will be once again donning his iconic helmet in the third season of The Mandalorian when it arrives later this year.

With one of Sony’s most popular video game franchises and Star Wars ticked off, Pascal now has his sights set on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, having recently confirmed his interest in the gargantuan superhero franchise in an interview with Wired.

As is generally the case, this revelation led to a social media outpouring of envisioning how the actor could fit into the MCU, and there were a number of potential names repeating themselves a few times:

A Ghost Rider casting would be right up Pascal’s alley, given his tenure and success with the whole “obscured face” thing in his role as The Mandalorian, but there fans are also begging to let the actor actually have his face visible in a Marvel property.

However, there was one sentiment which stuck out a lot more than others – no matter what role Pedro Pascal ends up in, fans would love to see him paired up with his real-life bestie Oscar Isaac on the screen. 

With a whole new slate of Marvel projects planned all the way through to 2026 which will presumably introduce more and more characters to the universe, there’s certainly plenty of opportunity for Pedro Pascal’s desire to join the MCU to be fulfilled. Meanwhile, early reviews of Pascal’s latest show The Last of Us are looking extremely promising.