The Fantastic Four Rumored To Be Heading For Reshoots



For such a highly-anticipated big-budget flick like The Fantastic Four, the movie world is still baffled that we’ve yet to see… well, anything of it yet. Granted, its release date is several months away, but in this current climate, it’s all the rage to begin marketing strategies for such capers as early as possible to generate buzz.

Bearing that in mind, yesterday’s news that we’d finally see a teaser trailer attached to Kingsman: The Secret Service next month couldn’t have come at a better time. Now, according to a rumor from Bleeding Cool – which we suggest is taken with a heavy dose of salt – the mystery surrounding The Fantastic Four is because the movie is in tatters.

The outlet reported last year that Fox were apparently seeking out a replacement for director Josh Trank mid-way through the shoot. Never confirmed, the suggestion sent ripples out into the fan community who immediately put two and two together and came up with the obvious answer: the studio aren’t happy with the movie.

Today, their latest intel corroborates this even further. Describing it as a less-than-satisfactory “Chronicle 2 rather than Fantastic 4,” the article references several anonymous Fox execs who have called the movie “a mess,” leading to “major disquiet at Fox regarding the state of the movie.” On the back of this, the film is also rumored to be heading for reshoots in Louisiana. The cost of having to rebuild a bulk of the sets – which have already been torn down – will send the budget skyrocketing.

To be honest, this would go some way to explaining why we’ve yet to see anything from the movie. If it’s heading into reshoots then this would make the film’s August release date somewhat volatile and it wouldn’t exactly be at the top of Fox’s marketing priority list. As the source on this talk is unverified, we won’t know for sure until Fox issues a statement or shifts the release. And after Matthew Vaughn had such positive things to say about the finished film he’d seen yesterday, we’re a little crestfallen about the state of The Fantastic Four now.

Bring on the trailer…

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