The final ‘Morbius’ trailer has fans hungry for an Andrew Garfield cameo


The dark and vicious Morbius final trailer has just been released, and many fans are hoping that Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man will make an appearance.

The trailer shows more of Morbius‘ superhuman abilities as he swiftly takes out a room full of gunmen using the shadows, turning into bats, super-speed, and heightened senses. He struggles between his desire to hunt and consume blood or choosing to die and spare people, but Adrian Toomes / Vulture (Michael Keaton) believes he has a greater fate. 

This dark tale is being well-received, but fans can’t help but think that Garfield could make an appearance and there may be some truth to it. After Spider-Man: No Way Home crushed it at the box office, people want more Spidey content. Petitions to bring Garfield back as Spider-Man have been circulating around social media, and Morbius could act as an introduction.

Fans are excited at the prospect of seeing Garfield in Morbius.

Some have said that it’s their main incentive for going to see Morbius.

There was hope that there would be some sign of the character in the trailer.

After the multiversal events of Spider-Man: No Way Home, some even believe Tom Holland could show up.

Other fans believe that Sony is being tight-lipped about it, similar to the secrecy surrounding No Way Home.

A post-credit scene would satisfy the rabid fanbase.

There’s a theory that Garfield will first appear in Morbius, then Venom 3 before returning to The Amazing Spider-Man franchise to complete the trilogy.

Garfield isn’t confirmed for the movie, but there are some valid reasons to speculate. The Oscorp logo seen on Oscorp Tower is from The Amazing Spider-Man, and a bus ad that asks “Where Is Spider-Man?” could be referring to his disappearance during No Way Home. The aforementioned movie opened the door to these kinds of crossovers, and they might not want to shut it just yet.

Morbius comes to theaters April 1.