The Flash Image Reportedly Wasn’t Teasing A Cult Comic Book Villain

The Flash

Online tongues were set wagging earlier this week when The Flash director Andy Muschietti posted a new image on social media, revealing a spray-painted mashup of Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen’s superhero logos. The crude artwork was reminiscent of what Jared Leto’s Joker had done to poor Robin’s costume, so it was natural that the speculation would begin turning to all corners of the DC Universe.

One name to come up on a regular basis was that of Red Death, who was created by Scott Snyder and Capullo and made his comic book debut in 2017. After Batman loses too many sidekicks, he feels he’s not fast enough to save his friends anymore, so he comes up with what turns out to be a terrible idea.

Using the Speed Force, the Dark Knight fuses himself with the Scarlet Speedster into a single being that gave Gotham City’s nocturnal protector the abilities of the Flash, but trapped Barry’s mind inside Bruce’s consciousness. Dubbing himself Red Death, the amalgamation goes on a murderous rampage against his enemies, all while Barry is powerless to stop him.

That sounds equal parts insane and awesome, but according to a new report from Geekosity, it won’t be happening in live-action, with the teaser image just that; a hint that Batman and the Flash are teaming up. It always seemed unlikely anyway, given that we’re already getting two versions of the Caped Crusader, and either Ben Affleck or Michael Keaton would have to bond with Ezra Miller to make Red Death a reality. It’d definitely be fun to see, based on nothing but how batsh*t crazy it would be.