The Flash Movie Will Reportedly Feature 3 Versions Of Barry Allen

The Flash

The latest batch of set photos to make their way online as production continues on The Flash indicated that we’re going to be getting at least a double dose of Barry Allen, after Ezra Miller was seen filming with a double. Whether or not somebody else is filling that role or the leading man is playing both remains unclear, but it’s to be expected when the Scarlet Speedster’s solo debut is hinged on the multiverse.

As you may have noticed, the idea of alternate realities is the comic book genre’s current favored storytelling device, and as long as either the Marvel Cinematic Universe or DCEU don’t run it into the ground in double quick time, the possibilities are endless. We’re now hearing from our sources – the same ones who told us Ben Affleck would be back in the movie long before it was confirmed – that The Flash might even feature a third Barry Allen.

As for the identity of the actor to complete the trio of claret-clad speed freaks? According to our information it’ll be none other than Grant Gustin, finally repaying that favor after Miller dropped by the Arrowverse for a Crisis on Infinite Earths cameo. The small screen Flash has been rumored before, but this would signal that Andy Muschietti’s blockbuster is set to flit between many more timelines than just the two where Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton respectively reside as Batman.

Trying to predict any project where the multiverse is a factor is close to impossible, but visiting countless Earths and encountering a revolving door of Barry Allens provides equal scope for drama, comedy and action in The Flash, not to mention that fans would lose their minds were Gustin to show up.