The Flash Reportedly Has A Very Controversial Twist

The Flash

As production on The Flash continues in the UK, DC fans have been struggling to put together the plot of the multiversal movie. For instance, the latest pics have revealed star Ezra Miller sporting a longer hairstyle than the short-styled look we’ve seen him with in others. This appeared to point to flashbacks – or maybe flashforwards. However, the truth might’ve been revealed via a new report. And if it’s accurate, the film is about to drop a dark and controversial twist to the Scarlet Speedster’s mythos.

According to Geekosity, the main villain of The Flash isn’t who fans are expecting. Warning, if this intel is correct, major spoilers incoming. OK, here goes… The real antagonist of the piece isn’t Eobard Thawne’s Reverse-Flash but Barry Allen of Earth-89! The outlet’s sources are claiming that Barry will encounter a variant of himself from the universe of Michael Keaton’s Batman. But this Flash turn out to be a power-hungry villain whose goal is to wipe out all superheroes across the multiverse.

Since the publication of Geekosity’s original report, set pics have circulated which confirm that Miller will have two roles in the film, so that does seem to support these claims. The idea of an evil Barry isn’t actually one pulled from the comics, but The CW’s Flash TV series previously explored the concept with season 3’s Savitar storyline. Savitar was dedicated to wiping out the multiverse’s speedsters, though, and not all heroes in general.

Geekosity states that both Batmen will be targeted by this Evil Flash. Keaton’s Bruce Wayne is sure to escape unharmed, but Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight would appear more at risk. However, the outlet’s sources say Batfleck lives in the current draft of the script, although he was set to die in earlier versions.

This would be one wild twist if it’s true. It looks like we’ll just have to keep an eye on set photos to see if they continue to fit with this intel. The Flash is scheduled to sprint into theaters on November 4th, 2022.