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The Force Awakens Deleted Scene Reveals A Young Luke Skywalker

The Robert Boulter rendition of Luke Skywalker has been ushered into the spotlight thanks to this rare concept art from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

You’ve no doubt heard of Flashback Friday and Throwback Thursday, but what about Movie Trivia Monday (trademark pending)?

We jest, of course, but tonight brings us some news from the depths of Twitter, where Adam Frazier of FirstShowing has relayed a never-before-seen piece of concept art from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Initially uncovered by Reddit, this artwork is allegedly pulled from a Force Awakens deleted scene in which Rey encounters a young Luke Skywalker.

Upon further inspection, we’re more inclined to believe young Luke, played here by Robert Boulter, was intended for the movie’s opening, before J.J. Abrams and Co. decided against it – essentially, the fabled cut would have shown Luke’s famous lightsaber drifting through space following his clash with Vader in The Empire Strikes Back.

Via Twitter:

Rey’s “Force Vision” in THE FORCE AWAKENS originally included Luke & Vader’s duel from The Empire Strikes Back. The scene was cut but thanks to Reddit, we’re finally getting our first look at what ESB Luke would have looked like in TFA, played by Robert Boulter. Wild stuff.

Pretty neat, eh? It’s as if this concept art has been yanked from an alternate universe, as it’s hard to envision anyone other than Mark Hamill portraying the great Luke Skywalker on the big screen.

Nevertheless, despite the somewhat divisive ending of The Last Jedi, Hamill’s hermit will be back, back, back for the so-far untitled Episode IX, when it shoots for theaters next Christmas. The countdown is on, then, as Star Wars fans the world over prepare to bid adieu to the Skywalker Saga and all of its many, many treasured characters – General Leia Organa included, who is believed to hold a sizeable role in the 2019 blockbuster despite Carrie Fisher’s tragic passing.

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