The Graveyard Shift: How Do You Solve A Problem Like Sharknado? (Episode 1)


In We Got This Covered’s newest podcast, The Graveyard Shift, Matt Donato and Dominic Mill clunk their Troma-loving heads together in an epic discussion of all things B-Movie – from Kaufman to Corman, they cover it all.

Episode 1 is no love-in though, as Dom and Matt take on the unfortunate, funless behemoth that is the Sharknado franchise head on. Packed with insights, complaints and Dom’s fervent attempts to blame everything on Michael Bay, no Asylum production is safe from the gnarled talons of the Graveyard Shift gang.

This will be an ongoing podcast in the near future, but while Dom travels the world collecting every copy of The Amazing Bulk for the next month, consider this first episode a tasty appetizer of what’s to come (as we’ll resume the show starting in September). By then we hope to have other methods of listening hammered out, along with a badass custom logo of some sort, but any feedback on the show is definitely appreciated as it’s still in the early stages! We don’t think there’s enough of you lunatics and gorehounds who take advantage of WGTC’s horror side of things, so we’re giving you another reason to check in!

As for the format, we’ll first review Sharknado 2: The Second One as best we can, compare it to the original, discuss why the Sharknado franchise is taking off and other SyFy films go unnoticed, then finish it all off by addressing The Asylum ad nauseam.

Whether we like it or not, Sharknado is around to stay – but that doesn’t mean we won’t share our thoughts on the topic! Hope you enjoy what we have to say!

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