These New Human Centipede Gummy Candies Will Ruin Your Appetite

Human Centipede

In what can only be described as the confectionery equivalent of “nobody asked,” the parody company Unnecessary Inventions have created a gummy candy in the style of the gross-out horror film The Human Centipede. Designed by twisted mastermind Matt Benedetto, the candy depicts three gummy humans all attached to each other in a similar way to the victims from the first movie.

If this wasn’t enough, the pièce de résistance is a little red line running through each “person” as an obvious means of depicting the intestines that connects them all. Has anyone gone off their appetite yet?

We haven’t tried any, but if we know gummy candy, the taste is probably quite sweet. Still, the fact that they’re associated with the films might be enough to put some people off. In any case, you can see them for yourself in the gallery down below:

For anyone who doesn’t remember (many of you may be trying to forget), The Human Centipede was an underground shocker of a horror flick in which a crazy doctor (played by Dieter Laser) captures three people and sews them together, lip to butt hole. It was something of a cult hit for all the wrong reasons and it even spawned a couple of sequels.

It’s hardly surprising that the franchise has been considered one of the most disgusting in movie history, but then again, if you did enjoy the films (we’re not here to judge), you may be interested in the recent Blu-ray set which comes with tons of additional material.

Anyway, back to the candy. Accompanying the images was a video from the creators themselves, in which we get to see how the sweet snacks were created. It’s always jolly to know how one’s food is made, right? You can give it a watch via the link below and be sure to leave a comment letting us know if you’ll be trying out these Human Centipede gummy candies.