The Hunt Evolves With Latest Promo For The Predator


Marvel at the Ultimate Predator with this fresh new footage from Shane Black’s sci-fi reboot.

Coming in hot ahead of The Predator‘s long-anticipated theatrical release in September, this delightful promo begins with one or two shots of Quinn McKenna (Logan‘s Boyd Holbrook) and his ragtag crew, before things veer into uncharted territory.

Yes, in a bid to reinstate The Predator as one of cinema’s greatest movie monsters, Shane Black and Fred Dekker have spliced the core DNA of John McTiernan’s ugly motherfucker with every apex predator in the galaxy to create a 10-foot killing machine. Its sleek, midnight black skin and chitinous armor are good enough to send a shiver down our spine, and based on the R-rating, we can readily expect those Yautja creatures to forcibly remove one or two spines come September.

Because in the words of Black, the so-called Ultimate Predator is “bigger, meaner and nasty as hell,” which leaves the door open for a possible human-Predator team-up as the two species unite in the face of a common enemy.

Chalk that up as innocent conjecture for now, though, as Fox has done a pretty stand-up job of keeping spoilers at bay. Mind you, there isn’t much longer to go before we’ll be able to judge Shane Black’s reboot with our own two eyes. And we simply can’t wait to see what secrets are in store.

Tipped to herald the beginning of a newfangled trilogy at 20th Century Fox, The Predator is all set to make its debut on September 14th. And only then will we know if those lengthy reshoots were enough to whip Black’s R-rated pic into shape. Fingers crossed, eh?