The Hunters Become The Hunted In All-New TV Spot For Jack Reacher: Never Go Back


Continuing to check off all of the bone-crunching hallmarks that make Jack Reacher the hardboiled super-spy we know and love, Paramount has today rolled out the latest in a long line of TV spots for Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, the action sequel hailing from director Ed Zwick.

Zwick, who had collaborated with Cruise before on The Last Samurai, picks up the mantle from director Christopher McQuarrie in time for Never Go Back, after the latter parted ways with the Jack Reacher series to spearhead Cruise’s other action franchise, Mission: Impossible.

Getting back to Reacher, though, a late October release date has been earmarked for Zwick’s follow-up, tapping into Lee Child’s page-turner of the same name. Shipping our title hero off to an old military base in Virginia, it’s here that Cruise’s lead is framed for a 16-year-old homicide that he didn’t commit. Fighting to clear his name, Reacher teams up with disgraced military chief Susan Turner (Cobie Smulders), spawning a cat-and-mouse game where bullets fly and goons fall. If there was ever any doubt that Never Go Back would dial back the action relative to its forebear, let today’s TV spot put those initial apprehensions to bed.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is due to arrive on October 21. Elsewhere, on Cruise’s slate, last week brought news that the actor had reached an agreement with Paramount for Mission: Impossible 6. Look for that one to enter production early next year.


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